day 22 = “halfway medium middle”

Aloha kahako! Another beautiful day on the islands studying code! You probably imagine, I’m sitting drinking my coffee on a beautiful beach typing away. Well IM NOT! I’m actually 2 blocks from the beach and its only semi-beautiful here ;) SEE! I told you! Life is rough! Hahaha Life is amazing! I’m only in this position thanks to the wonderful people at GameDevHQ and ACI! Its been a real blast and such a fun subject to study. To see real time results!

One fix I thought I’d mention is a script issue I encountered in the cinematography course. Not sure if I’ve been the only one but, it had me searching left and right for a fix. Was it a version issue?? Was it the assets themselves? I traced it back to a script minDrawer.cs — below you’ll find the correction to the script. Guess I wasn’t the only one who encountered this problem.

minDrawer.cs Correction

All and all it feels like a win to fix any compiler issue you encounter by yourself. I look forward to seeing what I can get through then next few days. I’d like to be through this cine course next couple days and the 2.5D over thanksgiving weekend so, I’ll be well prepared for what lays ahead of me… and for you ;) thanks for reading up, the pleasure is mine for reals! much love and aloha



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