day 32 = “lost and found”

Aloha all! Its been another day spent deep in code, well timeline to be exact. I’ve been kind of stuck. I’m a perfectionist and when something doesn’t look right I cant move on until I fix it. I’ve worked with a lot of video production in the past so working on these cutscenes come second nature to me. I can understand and operate Cinemachine with ease but, Timeline has been frustrating me.

I can’t seem to keyframe and pan my cameras the way I intend them to. It comes out jerky and looks unprofessional. Not my style! I’ve moved on to continue my course work but, that cutscene stays lingering in the back of my mind and I wont sleep, until I figure out the right way to get the shot I need. It’s unfortunate you cant edit the animation track after making a recording so, you have to make sure you get it perfect the first time. Drives me nuts but, I’ll come up with a solution and post it in my next update! You can count on it!


As far as everything else, my team seems to be progressing nicely. They have had their fare share of frustrations but, have overcome each obstacle with patience and cool headedness. I’m proud to be a member of Team D and they’ve all been very kind and patient with me, being the team leader and all. Been a first for me to host Stand-Ups through Zoom but, have learned a valuable skill to take with me for sure. Anyways, I got to fix my Timeline so, back to it! Thanks for reading up, until next time friends! Much love and aloha



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