The thought about being a programmer has always intrigued me. Code is something that we interact with everyday whether you’re a programmer or not. Code is the blood and bones of anything with an on switch now a days. Being able to understand these languages that run our daily lives seems to be pertinent to our future development. A true gold mine and a endless resource of knowledge and information.

I feel like I’ve just won the lottery. Let me explain… to give you some context. Being from Hawaii, if you want to be a part of the top earners tier then you’re going to be working in hospitality/tourism/customer relations etc etc. with that being said I happen to fall into the restaurant and hotel industry, like the rest of my family before me. Believing in hard work I took it all in, and slowly worked my way to the top. I’ve done it all, and have helped open a number of restaurants. I feel good about my past achievements. To be honest, I never thought I’d do something different. Then covid -19 hit!!! I was laid off and during all the stagnation and through deep contemplation I had a revelation . LOL! The past couple years I had just been on autopilot, and not living up to the level of creativity and daily learning I had held dear to me in the past. I desperately needed something new in my life to express myself and grow. I began coding! Being stuck at home led me to spend more time on the computer. Not knowing how long the pandemic was going to last, I buckled down and started some boot camps learning web development more in depth and for once in a long time, I was overwhelmed with joy. Truly being in situations again where I was absolutely clueless and had to spend hours just to understand the vocabulary. it was just what I needed. Now that I understand it, I can tell you it’s a tool that has endless possibilities to one’s imagination. I wish I had this in my life sooner. Stuck on unemployment and seeking new work I responded to an ad online for a game development internship. Jobs like this are unheard of in Hawaii, but I responded to it anyway. Within a day I heard back, and was hired for literally one of the best jobs I could have ever asked for. I’ll be on a team learning how to develop video games and will be able to use the skills learned for an endless amount of jobs in the future. Now that you’re caught up, we can get to the good stuff! The journey starts now. much love and mahalo